teamwork makes the dreamwork.



It started with a basement, old leather jackets, and a box cutter. Christian started Howl + Hide back in 2014 with the intention to learn a trade. From working with leather to working with canvas the American Made Movement, Small Batch Manufacturing, and providing the most durable products on the market has been Christian’s passion.

Christian Likes
-His Girlfriend
-His Dog
-His Motorcycle

Christian Dislikes
-Music on the Radio
-When he can’t find his Hex Key
-Donald Trump


J-Boy started working with Christian back in November 2017. It really was the perfect love story. Christian was at a bar. J-Boy was the door guy. It was perfect. J-Boy has consumed his time with learning the craft of leather working. A quick learner and the most efficient dude in the shop, J-Boy is an asset to Howl + Hides operations and production.

J-boy likes
-playing standup bass
- “I want you to want me” by Cheap trick

j-boy dislikes
-j-boy likes everything except Donald Trump

shop dude.

Mike is a recent addition to Howl + Hide but has been crucial in building our new Batch Manufacturing process. Mike makes all the smaller parts that go on every bag. If he aint swinging his hips he’s chatting to you about something….. probably about Dick Dale

mike likes
-dick dale
-surf rock

Mike dislikes
-solid state amps
-when there is no reverb
-donald trump