Our Story

Howl + Hide started with a box cutter, a piece of leather, + an unfinished basement. It is a pretty simple story, I was in the mall of all places and was checking out some leather products at a big retailer and found too many flaws to justify the high dollar price. Like most folks I told myself, I could probably make this and make it better, so I did. 
With absolutely zero experience I sourced vintage leather jackets from thrift stores and began cutting them up. I pride myself on the learnings of leather work from old Al Stohlman books, who some consider the grandfather of modern leather work. These books were an old timers how too with visuals and guides to the in's and out's of leatherworking. Starting with handsewing I was creating products on worn vintage material and quickly decided that I wanted to make a product line. With enough money to purchase a few sides of leather I launched on etsy in January 2015.
Today, our workshop is housed in an old general store built in 1902. With a mixture of vintage + new tools we strive to produce some of the best bags + small goods in the industry. Our focus has been to make them right and make them here in Indianapolis.