Our Materials

Landwerlen Leather

Our products are only as good as the materials that we use. It's very rare for a manufacturer to source their materials here in the United States let alone in the same state in which they produce goods. We have been lucky enough to have an iconic 111 year old leather shop right down the road. Landwerlen Leather started by Louis Landwerlen in 1908 right downtown Indianapolis. Originally beginning to make wide leather belts that ran on machines he quickly began supplying there after. Now, three generations of Landwerlen's later they still strive to offer some of the best products in the business. We work with then almost on a daily basis sourcing all of our leather + hardware. The best thing about this relationship has been to localize our downtown economy by not only making + distributing our goods here in Indianapolis but also buying 90% of our materials here as well. To leather more about Landwerlen Leather click here!

Landwerlen Leather Since 1908