CVOID-19 Mask Production



INDIANAPOLIS - (March 29, 2020) Howl + Hide, an Indiana leather craftsman, announced it has begun production of high quality protective masks in its Fountain Square workshop. The protective masks will be donated to Central Indiana Hospitals and healthcare facilities.  

Howl + Hide specializes in high quality, handmade leather goods and accessories and is a proud member of the Indiana artisan community. As a small business owner, Christian Resiak shares in the many challenges facing businesses. With livelihoods on the line, several local businesses have stepped up to join the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. 

“Indiana’s medical professionals are literally risking their lives to help our community and to fight the spread of COVID-19. With a shortage of personal protective equipment our concern is for their safety, and that of their families,” said Resiak. 

With their shop closed to the public, production at a standstill and their locally-sourced supply chain interrupted, Resiak approached HI-FI to help support their Frontline Caregiver Donation Drive.  After researching appropriate safety measures surrounding fabric, materials and assembly, the local craftsman went into action.  

Utilizing his staff of two which includes himself, Resiak started production using remnant materials and donations from the public. Currently, their Fountain Square shop is able to produce around 200 masks a day and has already delivered over 500 finished masks to area hospitals. The masks are made with 100 percent cotton material and elastic ear straps. Resiak noted, “The amount of feedback we have received from doctors and nurses has been incredible. To continue the momentum, we are going to keep production rolling as long as we can.”

With a small team and limited materials, Howl + Hide is taking donations through Venmo and Paypal to help with sourcing materials. One hundred percent of all donations will go directly to producing more masks. Donations are accepted via Venmo under the handle Howlandhide or via Paypal to

“We will get through this by joining together, and we are proud to do what we can to support those at the forefront of this pandemic,” said Resiak.