Howl + Hide started because our passion is manufacturing well built goods. With leather being our focus, We set out to design and construct the most durable leather bags in the industry. From our early days to today we build all of our products using our own two hands. Each item is first cut by hand then pieced together one stitch at a time. While we build great looking bags we do so for the attraction to worn in goods. When you carry a Howl + Hide product you will see down the road that it only looks better with age. 


We are midwest proud and have deep roots within our Indianapolis community. Our workshop is located in the Historic Fountain Square neighborhood in a little old brick building off the corner of English + State. The idea to create a brand under one roof was not hard and we pride ourselves on our workshop and retail store just as much as the products we make.


The fashion industry is one of the most wasteful industries in the world. We believe in sustainability, resourcefulness, and responsible sourcing. Our production process is on a monthly scale and we focus of one category of product at a time and our turnaround time reflects this. One week we may only produce Satchels and the next we week we will only build tote bags. We base this production on the orders that we need to fulfill. The materials we use are some of the finest in the world. We make sure that we know exactly where our leather comes from and are transparent on the responsibility of sourcing 100% USA leather and hardware.