Project American Made is a monthly workshop that will teach veterans, disabled and abled, the basic fundamentals to making quality American Made leather goods.

Structure & Discipline.
- The transition from Soldier to Civilian can bring on its own challenges for any veteran newly returning from service or who has served our country in previous operations. Our goal is to bridge the gap in this transition and allow our nation's veterans to overcome this challenge by giving them the tools and rules to traditional leatherworking.
- Much like the structure of day to day operations that the Military brings to individuals, leatherworking provides fundamental skills that are learned provides the repetition needed to build any item.This process is similar to the structure  a veteran formed while serving our country. Most issues veterans face is losing this structure upon returning home. We are here to give them a purpose to start and finish their days.
- Our workshops will start with a single wallet. The veterans will beginning sewing leather and working towards the ability to prep their items from start to finish. We start with the basics and build from there. Once a veteran completes their item they will have the choice of either keeping this item for tthemselves or we will have these items for sale on where the veteran will receive a portion of these profits.
- These workshops will be available to any veteran, struggling or stable. Based on the success and diligence of their work, our hope is that they will become eligible for continuing employment opportunities.

If you are interested in helping or participating please let us know

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